Jeffrey DI, Whitfield MF.
Lorazepam Poisoning.
BMJ 1974; 4: 719.

[regarding the overdosage of lorazepam in a 6-year-old boy]
" We report the case of a child with moderate overdosage of this drug which produced surprisingly severe effects. "

" Hallucinations are a recognised complication of ovedosage with diazepam, a more widely used member of the benzodiazepine group. On a body weight basis the fatal dose for a child would be between 500 and 600 mg. It was therefore surprising to find severe toxic signs with marked
hallucinations in an otherwise healthy child at a fraction of that dosage. Clinicians should therefore be alert to the potential central toxicity of this drug in children with even mild to moderate degrees of overdosage. " [p. 719]

[Key words; Ativan, lorazepam, hallucinations, poisoning, children]

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