Ingram IM, Timbury GC.
Side-Effects of Librium.
Lancet 1960; ii: 766.

" Side-effects were seen in over half the patients. 2 felt drowsy on the smaller dose, 5 on the larger. 2 felt fatigued and apathetic, and dizziness and constipation were reported. 1 patient felt more energetic and 2 complained of severe irritability. After taking the drug for a week a schoolteacher struck his wife for the first time of the twenty years of their marriage. (---)

Although the number treated is small and the findings uncontrolled, the results are disappointing enough and the side-effects sufficiently troublesome to deserve attention. Other side-effects reported in trials in the United States have included dissociative reactions, hyperactivity, and

We feel justified in suggesting that the drug should be used with circumspection and scepticism until the results of controlled trials are available. "

[Key words; aggression, disinhibition, paradoxical effects]

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